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Reflections on Following Christ

Dr. Patrick Kee, semi-retired palliative physician in Singapore

I am Dr. Patrick Kee , a semi-retired palliative physician inspired by Mother Teresa to be a “pencil” in God’s hands to share the good news of God’s S.O.S. (Story Of Salvation).

“I am a little pencil in God’s hands. He does the thinking. He does the writing. He does everything and sometimes it is really hard because it is a broken pencil and He has to sharpen it a little more.” Mother Teresa


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BOOKS: have self published the following 4 books. In the process of writing the 2nd edition of Living Well In The Autumn Of Life.

Living Well In The Autumn Of Life

Living With Our Heavenly Father

Living With Our Shepherd Of Love

Living In God’s Loving Embrace


Walking through the MWS Girls’ Residence at St George’s Lane reminded me of those days when these dormitories were wards – one for the men, the other for the women. I remember spending my Saturdays here, seeing the elderly sick and attending to them.

Once, when we were doing our rounds in the ward, there was this elderly lady. She was blind and confused, and shouting. She shouted even louder when the nurses tried to calm her down. When I came to her bed, I told her in a soft voice that I am a doctor, and I held her hand gently. She immediately turned into a sweet old lady. This taught me an important lesson, that we need to ‘enter the world’ of the elderly who are confused.

From caring for the elderly sick at the Methodist Home for the Aged Sick, I was led to care for the dying in my vocation as a doctor. Caring for the elderly sick and dying is not a one way street. The elderly sick and the dying have been my teachers – inspiring and teaching me how to grow old and to face death with the grace of God, in order to live life more fully.